Disturbing video of teenager Spraying RAID roach spray in his mouth Goes Viral.

Disturbing video of teenager Spraying RAID roach spray in his mouth Goes Viral on the internet and starts another weird challenge. I’m afraid that kids are going to die doing this stupid challenge and thats why i’m doing this video to try to help prevent this from becoming the new thing on social media. Roach Spray can kill you and this needs to be headlined on all blog sites. #LATRUTH






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College professor Needs a Raise for increasing the students attendance rate in her class !!

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Birdman And Young Thug Reportedly Plead For Gag Order In Lil Wayne Tour Bus Shooting Case

I know y’all remember Lil Wayne’s tour bus shooting?

Since it happened back in 2015 in Atlanta, Ga, there have been many developments in the case. The most recent being #Birdman and Young Thug’s plea for a gag order against Alvin Lewis.

Let’s play catch up. Alvin Lewis, the driver of the bus, sued Birdman, Thug, and PeeWee Roscoe. PeeWee was hit with ten years behind bars as well as ten years probation following his guilty plea to six of the 27 counts he faced in connection to the shooting. He later appealed the sentence. Lil’ Wayne was not injured during the incident.
Now, Birdman and Young Thug have asked the judge to issue a gag order against Alvin — preventing him and his lawyer from discussing the case with anyone — including the media.
Alvin initially sued Young Thug, Birdman, and PeeWee Roscoe, Young Thug’s manager for civil assault and battery, violation of state and federal racketeering offenses, causing emotional distress and more.

Lewis claimed that Wayne’s tour bus was shot up after the rapper’s crew and PeeWee Roscoe’s clique allegedly had an altercation after a concert. Although Roscow was sentenced to 10 years behind bars, Lewis alleged that Roscoe made a few calls to both Thug and Birdman before and after the shooting.

“He has emotional injuries including post-traumatic stress and is not doing well,” his lawyer Jeffrey Gewirtz said back in 2016. He was requesting to be compensated for his “pain, anguish, suffering, discomfort, medical expenses” and lost wages.

Both Birdman and Young Thug went under criminal investigation for the case — ironically the same day Weezy’s Carter V album was finally released.

According to The BlastBirdman and Young Thug are asking a judge to issue a gag order in the lawsuit over Lil Wayne‘s tour bus shooting. They’re also reportedly pleading for the court to silence the man who is suing them.

Documents obtained by the news site says Birdman and Thug want an emergency motion to end their depositions and an order which prohibits the guy who is suing them, along with his lawyer, from speaking about the case to anyone, especially the media.

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It was said that the rappers filed the docs just days after the entire case was put on hold by a Georgia judge due to the conduct of the lawyer involved in the case.

As we previously, Birdman and Thug were being investigated after a recorded phone call was released where both of the rappers can be heard talking to the alleged shooter Roscoe (aka Jimmy Winfrey) before and after the shooting. The Cobb County District Attorney recently announced they were deciding on whether to file charges against Thug and Birdman relating to the shooting. No decision has been made as of yet.

The bus driver, Alvin Lewis, also alleged those same details in his lawsuit. He called the shooting “gang-related.”

Lewis sued seeking unspecified damages. It is not clear when the case will resume, but the judge is allowing for Roscoe to be deposed from jail but everything else will be halted until further notice from the court, The Blastreports.

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‘Bodied’ NSFW Trailer: This Rap Battle Satire Is ‘Scott Pilgrim’ By Way of Eminem

Neon and YouTube Originals have released the first official trailer for “Bodied,” the latest feature film from acclaimed music video director Joseph Kahn. The movie has been praised a cross between “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” and “8 Mile,” and with Eminem as an executive producer, “Bodied” has the bona fides to earn the comparison. Kahn has directed music videos for a wide array of artists, from Lady Gaga to Taylor to Swift, to Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent. “Bodied” is Kahn’s third narrative feature; he is best known for 2011’s teen slasher comedy “Detention.”

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Set in Oakland’s underground rap battle scene, “Bodied” features former Disney Channel star Calum Worthy as a progressive grad student who finds himself unexpectedly skilled at rhyming. “Bodied” also stars Jackie Long (“The Real Husbands of Hollywood”) and hip hop radio personality Charlamagne Tha God.

In his B+ review of the film out of TIFF, IndieWire’s Eric Kohn wrote that “Bodied” is: “The most subversive movie about hip hop ever made, one of the most exciting modern portraits of race relations period, and a daring assault on white liberal privilege that checks it from the inside out.”

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YouTube nabbed “Bodied” ahead of its 2018 premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, and has partnered with Neon to give the film a theatrical release. “Bodied” hits theaters on November 2, and will be available on YouTube Premium on November 28.

eminem new movie

Check out the NSFW Red Band trailer below.

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Florida drug dealer calls 911 to report missing cocaine

Authorities confirmed that the items seemed to be missing from where the 35-year-old said he had put them, but on the bright side, the deputies were able to help him locate a second bag of coke that he had left on the center console, at which point they began reading Blackmon his rights.

In Deputy Dennis Fields’ arrest report, he noted, “Blackmon asked if I knew the cocaine was there, why did I let him keep talking.”

In addition to the baggie, the deputies also found a crack pipe and crack rock inside the car.

Blackmon was arrested and charged with resisting an officer without violence for allegedly refusing to follow commands, possessing drug paraphernalia and possessing cocaine, which is a felony charge.

He was released Monday on a $4,000 bond.

prop money

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