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People Are Ragging On Ayesha Curry For Her Comment About “Male Attention,” But Others Are Coming To Her Defense

Steph Curry’s wife Ayesha Curry should apologize for saying she needs attention from men other than her husband ….

A comment Ayesha Curry made on Monday’s episode of Red Table Talk has made her the subject of endless memes and tweets — both in criticism and in support.

The fallout from her interview with the women of Red Table Talk came in response to an admission she made of feeling insecure about the disproportionate attention she receives from men against the attention her husband, NBA star Steph Curry, receives from women.

“Something that really bothers me, and honestly has given me a sense of a little bit of an insecurity, is the fact that — yeah, there are all these women, like, throwing themselves [at him], but me, like, the past 10 years, I don’t have any of that,” she said on the Facebook Watch show. “I have zero — this sounds weird — but, like, male attention, and so then I begin to internalize it, and I’m like, ‘Is something wrong with me?'”

Curry, a cookbook author, added that it’s not attention she necessarily wants, “but it’d be nice to know that, like, someone’s looking.”

The reaction on social media to the comment was immediate and ridiculing. People — many of them initially men — expressed that they found it to be absurd.

And, of course, soon the memes followed. So many memes.





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