51 year old man shoves and knocks out 12 year old girl after argument at North Carolina shopping mall


I’m sorry to share this, but I need the police and prosecutors to feel our full wrath on this. Last night, at the Asheville Mall in Asheville, North Carolina, David Steven Bell, listed as 6 foot 5 inches tall, and 250 pounds, first shoved, then knocked out an 11 year old girl with a closed fist punch right to her face. Mall cops hardly took the thing seriously and local police charged the man with a damn misdemeanor. He’s already out. A misdemeanor. I’m furious.


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  1. For all the people saying she get what she deserves. Well When her parents sue him he will get what he deserves. They got it on video. He had no right punching that young girl like that. He going to get some jail time too.

  2. That’s bs if it had been the other way around where the man was another race they would be been put under the jail. I’m white and even see why he wasn’t charged right.

  3. Look at the video Stevie Wonder, a man and his family is being attacked by a mob of hood rats, he is stationary at all times, they attack him! He defended himself against this mob, look at the video Ray Charles, Duh!

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