The IRS Will Not Be Issuing Tax Refunds During Government Shutdown

#LatruthHiphop we may have a huge issue on our hands if the government shutdown continues into tax season. We all know what time it is, time to get that tax Money after a long year of working! But there may be a plot twist and doesn’t look to be in our favor

Ironically, because of the shutdown, the IRS now lacks funding and under the shutdown plan, is only operating with about 1 in 8 employees (12.5%) according to @Wallstreetjournal. Apparently, during the shutdown the IRS doesn’t perform audits, respond to questions outside of filing season or process refunds.


The good news is is the shutdown is resolved in a few weeks, then all of this will have little effect on our tax refunds. The bad news is, lawmakers have made very little progress on movement toward a deal. To add insult to injury, if you owe on your taxes, you’d still need to pay by April 15th.


Tax filing season usually begins in mid-January. Whew Chile! This is going to get very interesting. What are your thought roommates?


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  1. f*&k you and your bullshit, im not working my ass off everyday to not get my tax’s, dont expect me to file then , sorry im voting for impeachment,

  2. Tell trump with his ignorant self to give up his stolen fortune to the hard working people needing their pay checks & IRS returns to make to the next payday 😡😡😡😡

  3. Stop messing with hard working peoples money we’re not messing with your it’s unfair too us

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