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College professor fired for having too much booty !!

She needs to hire a good lawyer!!!



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People are calling this College teacher a distraction and I say the college should give her a pay increase and a monthly BONUS for keeping the seats filled at the college! Comment your thoughts ! They should definitely pay @thehoneyloaf more!!! #curvywomenlivesmatter #latruth

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  1. Yea rite well alots of them should b fired for not having any..but them shorts is not professional i wouldnt want my son getting his life messed up because of eve either..looool

  2. What a surprise from a couple of generations raised by social media where nothing is considered inappropriate. Surrounded by teens and 20 something’s she will be the first to complain about not getting respected for her class work.

  3. She didn’t get fired for too much booty…she was being unprofessional. The school has a dress code for students AND staff. It’s sad when people trip themselves up over stuff that could have been easily avoided, especially if they knew they were headed for conflict. They probably did her a favor by closing that door.

  4. Fake story she even posted the screenshot of this story on her Instagram (@thehoneyloaf) stating that is a false story

  5. She deserved to be fired, she needs to dress appropriately for a classroom setting and not be a distraction. Why are people acting like she’s not being revealing, societies think recreational marijuana should be legal, so this really doesn’t surprise me.

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