Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Drop $13.45 Milli On Their First Home Together As Co-Owners

#KylieJenner and #TravisScott are out here having babies, selling albums and makeup, and now reportedly buying homes together. They’re really living their best life.

As y’all know, Kylie stays buying houses and this $13.45 million home she and #Travis just purchased would make this her fifth property.

There’s no tea on whether or not they split the bill on the house, or if one just listed the other on the deed, but they definitely own this home as joint tenants.

The master bedroom alone in their new Beverly Hills pad reportedly takes up most of the entire second floor. The house has seven bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, and comes equipped with a whole massage room, a gym, a multi-car garage and much more!

Stormi’s ‘bout to be chillin’ chillin’!

Maybe Pete Davidson can ask em’ for a room real quick now that he’s “looking”!


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