Kevin Gates Says He Was Innocent On Gun Charge But Pled Guilty To Avoid A Harsher Sentence

Kevin Gates was released from prison earlier this year and he opened up about his experiences in an interview with Sway Calloway. Along with talking about family life and the release of his new album “Luca Brasi 3,” the Baton Rouge rapper shared that he pled guilty to a charge that he didn’t commit to avoid harsher sentencing.

“They allegedly say I got caught with a firearm. I was innocent but I pled guilty to that charge because I was like you know, a lot of times you can beat the charge, but you can’t beat the ride,”” he revealed. “I probably would have sat another three or four years just fighting the charge.”

He began his sentence at Florida’s Polk County Jail and then was transferred to East Moline Correctional Center in Illinois. Gates described it as “beautiful.”

“The different thing about Gangland — and when I say that, Illinois — it was so beautiful because it was structured different. I’ve never been around that type of structure. And it was beautiful,” he said.

Although Gates says he was innocent, he went on to serve nine months of a 30-month sentence for gun possession.

“When they came with the 30 months, they sentenced me below the guideline. The guideline should have been 36 months. So the judge showed leniency because I had been detained in Florida in another jurisdiction,” he added. “I ended up doing nine months on the 30 months. I earned good time, supplemental sentence cred.”

His interview with Sway is broken down into four parts. Check out a clip below.




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